Saturday, February 6, 2010

The Demon

Once upon a time, a man ventured into the icy mountains and got caught up in the freezing snow in the mountains. Not knowing where to go, he finally found a cavern like place where he could sit and rest for a while. While resting, to he closed his arms tight together kept near his  mouth and blew air in his inside his closed arms to keep himself warm. By then, a demon was passing by this man. It felt strange about the man blowing air in his hands. It went near him asked, what he was doing. The man replied, as he was caught in the freeze cold, he did that act to keep himself warm.

The demon did not understand and it asked how. The man explained that he blew warm air out of his mouth and that eventually keeps him somewhat warm. The demon took pity on him and thought it could provide some shelter and when the weather gets better, the man can go. So it brought the man to its home and made him feel comfortable.

Then it started preparing some hot soup for him to drink. Once the soup was done, it served it to the man. On receiving the soup, the man again started to blow it. The demon got confused, because why the man should blow the already hot soup to make it warm. It inquired, why he did that.

The man replied, the soup was too hot and he blew some cold air to make it a bit cooler. The demon got angry and shouted at the man. "I don't believe people having two mouths in one! Drink the soup and vanish away otherwise I will eat you!"

The picture in the organisations is no different, especially IT, you can see a lot of people with two or more mouths talking all the self-contradictory statements and more, that even the demons fear to be in touch with.

So how many demon fearing people you have met!!! :)

So long until the next post...