Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The Stork and Butter

The million dollar question – How to catch a stork? The million dollar answer – Use butter. Well, there is a famous phrase in Tamil

“கொக்கு தலையில் வெண்ணை வெச்சு புடிக்கிறது ”

meaning, Catch a stork by placing butter in its head.

Well, here goes the logic, be patient until you finish it

Step 1. Find a stork in the fields or in the market

Step 2. Have butter read in your hand

Step 3. Go secretly near the stork, without the stork noticing you

Step 4. Furtively, place the butter on the stork’s head

Step 5. Wait patiently until the butter melts

Step 6. When the butter melts, it will cover the stork’s eyes making it blind temporarily

Step 7. When the stork is not able to see, it will not move or fly

Step 8. Catch the stork -  do whatever you want to do with it, by making it a prisoner

See, easy isn’t it! This is what happens in the IT industry, people prepare PPT slide similar to the steps above and present it to the client. Do Step 5 above and there you go, you’ve got your stork…

So long, until the next post…