Saturday, March 6, 2010

The Lion

There was this poor king of the jungle - Lion - in an Indian Zoo that was even poorer than the lion. The lion had very meagre food allowances that did not fetch it beyond a chicken. The lion thought if it went some zoo in the US, it will be fit and well fed and started to pray daily.

One fine day a zoo manager from US came for visit to the Indian Zoo. The Zoo manager was interested in shifting the lion to the US zoo. The lion's joy knew no bounds and it thought it's prayers got answered. The lion started thinking about the luxurious life, posh meal with one or two goats daily, hygienic and well maintained environment and later the US green card too!

When it reached the US zoo, food was offered in a nicely sealed bag. When the lion opened it was puzzled to see that it contained bananas. The lion thought that there might have been some mistake.

The next day, the same thing; a bag full of bananas. And again on the third the same bag was delivered. The lion not able to take it anymore, grew furious. It stopped the zoo keeper who delivered the bags, smashed him like anything and asked "Are you kidding me? Don't you know that I am a lion - The king of the jungle? What's wrong with you guys and your management? Why the nonsense that I am fed with bananas?"

The zoo keeper politely said, "Mr. Lion, I know that you are the king of the jungle, but... Are you aware that you have been brought here on a monkey's visa?..."

No more explanations... :)

So long until the next post...

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