Thursday, December 3, 2009

The Fox

Once upon a time, in a forest, a hunter was in search of some animal to hunt for a meal. He found an elephant, so he threw his spear at the elephant that killed it. While throwing the spear, he inadvertently stepped on a venomous snake. The snake struck the hunter with is pangs and the venom instantly killed the hunter. When he fell dead, he fell on the snake killing it.

A fox went strolling by, scouring through the forest for a meal. On seeing the three things deal, the fox was happy that it has hit with a treasure trove of meals. It thought it could save and eat the elephant for one month, the man for 3 days and the snake as a meal for that day. But it also found a peculiar thing that was near the hunter, it was a bow. It thought that it was some new meal it did not have before, and hence should have it immediately.

So, the fox went to the bow and bit its string, the string snapped and reflexively the stick in the bow stretched out, striking the fox killing it instantaneously.

The foxes in every organisation are curious about something, and they have some fancied opinion about it that they don't even have an ounce of knowledge about what it is. Be it technology, be it software etc, they don't try to understand it completely before they try it out, but jumpstart into it putting everybody including themselves in an unpleasant situation.

Curiosity about new things and venturing into that space after proper understanding is not a problem, but "curiosity" alone, kills.

So long until the next post :)


swapnamithra said...

he he.Excellent :D

R.Prabhu said...

Thanks Sathya!

ThndrKiss said...

I got it ! ;). ha ha ha !!!!

So here is something which you missed in your writing.

Proverb upgrades
Old: "Curiosity kills the cat"
New: "Curiosity alone kills foxes"
(From Your perspective)