Friday, November 27, 2009

The Sapling Planter

It was a bright day and the things were quite normal at dawn. As the sun rose higher, an oddity began to sprout out. There were these two men of which one dug a hole in the ground along the side of the road. A few feet after him and another man was burying the hole with the mud dug out by the first man.

One elderly man watched this odd behaviour these two men were demonstrating. The oldie went straight up to these men and asked. "Why are going guys doing this? You are digging up a hole and he is closing it with the dug out mud?"

The first man answered, "Sir, we are three of us working for the City Administration. I dig up the hole, the next person plants the sapling and the third covers up the hole. The guy who has the plant the sapling is on leave today, but we guys came to work!!!"

The same is what happens in many organisations, they have some stupid policy that directs the people to do something that is neither useful to the company nor useful to its employees, but yet still, they are supposed to do that work! It might look odd to an outsider, but for the insider... nevermind... he gets used to it :)

So long until the next post :)


ThndrKiss said...

started with forest . . slowly creeping into country farms . . then to town . . name of the blog and the posts showing one thing . . ..evolution !!!

R.Prabhu said...

Thanks Ayyappa, I never thought about the blog from your perspective. I just posted the posts :)