Thursday, November 12, 2009

The Skunk

There was once a wealthy landlord who wanted to build a very big home. Hence he called out a construction company to send their architect. The architect came home as requested and spoke to the landlord. The landlord told his wish about building a big home and asked the architect to come up with some of his best designs. The architect is one of the best the construction company ever had. So he came up with 10 great model design for the landlord's home. He took it to the landlord to show which one the landlord liked. He showed those designs one by one to the landlord but the landlord was not satisfied with any of those designs. The architect did not worry about that because it usually happens like people rejecting the designs. So he went back and worked for a few days came up with 10 more, showed it to the landlord. Again, the landlord rejected them all. This went on for a couple of times. The architect by now has shown about 50 designs and felt dejected, because most customers would select one from the first few designs he comes up with. Therefore, he wanted to really understand what the landlord really wanted, so the next time he did not take any designs with him.

The architect met the landlord and told him, "Sir, I have shown you over 50 of my best architectural designs for your home. Yet, you did not like any of them. May I know what you have in your mind, so that I can design to your liking"

The landlord went inside his house and came after sometime. He came with a floor carpet. He showed that carpet to the architect and told, "See Mr. I bought this carpet when I went to Japan, I want you to design something that would suit this carpet...."

The architect's fury knew no bounds. You imagine yourself in the architect's shoes and do whatever you want to that Skunk, sorry landlord.

The liberty of the aforesaid imagination is not available to many organisations, because either the organisations are too small or budding to deal with those wealthy skunks; or they are decently reputed and are worried to create a smelly confrontation...

So long until the next post.


Anonymous said...

Simply perfect example :D

R.Prabhu said...

Thank you very much