Saturday, November 21, 2009

The Rooster

Once upon a time, in a poultry farm, there were hens that used to lay eggs that were sold by the farm to make money. The business grew and the demand for the eggs increased. But the hens laid only one egg per day that was not enough to meet the demands. So the farm owners decided that they should bring out a new policy.

The policy was that each bird has to lay two eggs a day to meet the demand and there was a threatening clause that if any bird that did not lay two eggs will be deemed unfit and will be beheaded.

The birds were alarmed and for the fear of being beheaded, each bird laid two eggs from the next day, except for one bird that laid only one egg. The farm owners were furious and called the bird in for investigation.

In the office room, the bird was questioned - "Why have you laid only one egg where you are supposed to lay two? Are you not aware of the new policy that requires each bird in the farm to lay two eggs?"

The bird replied, "Yes sirs, I am aware of the new policy. I have done the best to lay this egg, rather I have done this beyond my capacity, because I am a 'ROOSTER'..." :)

Sometimes in some organisations, policies or requirements of a project are specified in such a way that in most cases, it pushes employees beyond what they can do in their capacity or capability. Being a mobile software developer, I have known companies that require apps on BlackBerry to be developed with an iPhone user experience. BlackBerrys applications be programmed to give a rich look and feel, but the user experience on a BlackBerry is entirely different. If you need iPhone experience, go get an iPhone, BlackBerrys are meant to be BlackBerrys and not iPhones. The pity is on the roosters who work on BlackBerry apis and other mobile apis (J2ME, Window Mobile, Android etc), where they are expected to give an iPhone experience :)

So long until the next post :)


ThndrKiss said...

lol. I know where this would have happened. Nice comparison. semma comedy sir !!

R.Prabhu said...

Thank you very much ;) Hope you are not the rooster :)