Saturday, November 14, 2009

The Bear

Once upon a time, a group of Accountants, a group of Doctors and a group of IT Managers went on a trekking trip into a forest all together. Suddenly one of the groups posed a challenge to the other 2 groups. The challenge is that each group has venture into the forest catch a tiger and return back to a designated spot. Whoever comes first wins. The challenge was accepted each group went into the forest in search of a tiger.

The Accountants group had a plan for their search and they calculated the plausible location of the tiger, went inside the forest and in about 5 hours they were back with a tiger to the designated spot.

The Doctors group made a plan, they had the map of the forest, something similar to an X-Ray, they plotted their whereabouts against the possible whereabouts of the tiger and they waited for the right time to start their operation they ventured inside the forest and in about 24 hours they got a tiger and returned to the designated spot

The IT Managers group sat down preparing a presentation the scope of the present task, their expertise in that field and then started out to estimates for the effort needs in person days to catch the tiger. They had no idea either about the forest or the tiger, yet ventured into the forest to catch the tiger. Hours went by, and slowly days too went by. The Accountants and Doctors have been waiting for five days and no sign of the IT managers group, so they both decide to go in and find what the IT managers were really doing. The groups went in and searched for sometime and found the IT Managers group at a distance.

When they went near, the IT managers group was having a bear tied to a tree and were smashing it, shouting... "Accept that you are a tiger, Accept that you are tiger..."

This is what happens in the real world scenario, most IT managers don't have a clue about the project they are going to execute, do some document preparations that might be no longer relevant or useful for the project; they catch up some irrelevant bears into the team and stress them out to have the project completed in time, at least for namesake.

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swapnamithra said...

Dilbert in a new avtaar.This blog is becoming a very good bed time story series. If any one is stressed,this is the place to relax.

R.Prabhu said...

Thank you very much Sathya!