Sunday, November 15, 2009

The Donkey and The Rain

Once upon a time, there was a King who was very much interesting in hunting. He used to go to hunting regularly in the forest in his kingdom. Whenever he sets out to hunting, he would ask his minister "Will it rain today? Shall I go for hunting?" The minister told "Yes my King you can go for hunting and it will not rain today". The king went for hunting and had a good hunt.

Another day he asked his minister the same question, the minister told that it would rain that day and it is not advised to go for hunting. The King did not heed to the minister, went out for hunting. And as the minister said, it rained heavily and the King was all drenched wet. He returned back to his palace and thought that his minister had amazing ability. So, he called his minister and asked how he got he ability to predict rains.

The minister told that he does not have the ability to predict rains, but he finds it when he sees a donkey with its ears upright. The king got irritated at the minister's answer of not having the ability himself, sacked the minister and replaced him with the donkey as the minister. Now the king had a new problem, the donkeys of his country came rushing to him asking for the minister's post.

Similarly, some donkey would have been promoted for some particular reason to a manager or a member of the higher helm. He will not have the proper training or capacity to handle the new helm causing a chaotic mayhem in the company. Consequently, that donkey serves as a role model for the other donkeys to get promoted to higher positions. The real ministers who are capable are sacked and replaced by donkeys :)

So long until the next post :)


Anonymous said...

Who are the kings?Very clever they are.

R.Prabhu said...

The Kings are in the top recruiting the Ministers, sometimes donkeys :)