Saturday, October 31, 2009

The Disparagers

There was this man who used to smoke a lot of cigarettes. An old man in his neighbourhood watched this man and wanted to explain the benefits of stopping the habit of smoking. So, he went to the man and had the following conversation.

Old Man: Hello I wanted to talk to you.
Smoker: Sure, go ahead.
Old Man: You smoke?
Smoker: Yes
Old Man: How much does a cigarette cost?
Smoker: Rs. 3
Old Man: How many cigarettes do you smoke in a day?
Smoker: 20
Old Man: How long have you been smoking?
Smoker: Over 20 years
Old Man: See, if you had not smoked in these 20 years, you would be having about Rs. 4.5 lakhs (The amount you spent on the cigarettes in all these 20 years).
Smoker: Hmm, fair enough, do you smoke?
Old Man: I haven't touched a single cigarette in all my life!
Smoker: So, you should be having about Rs. 10 lakhs right? Do you?

The old man was dumbfounded. There are good managers, who really have a good heart to have his/her subordinates to get out of their habits that are the stumbling blocks to their success. But those subordinates do behave in an inert and obstinate manner that the attempts or advices to improve their subordinates' lives go literally unheeded. Such good managers getting such disparaging subordinates is more or less getting to be a universal rule. :)

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