Monday, October 26, 2009


மகன் : அப்பா, தம்பி  ஜன்னல்  கண்ணாடிய  உடைச்சிட்டான் அப்பா
அப்பா: எப்படிடா  உடைச்சான்?
மகன்: நான்  அவன்  மேல  கல்லை விட்டு  எறிஞ்சேன், குனிஞ்சுடான்  அப்பா

Son: Dad, Little Brother, broke the window glass...
Dad: Oh is it? How did he break it?
Son: I threw a stone at him, he ducked

Like the little brother, there are scapegoats in every organization who bear the brunt. They send the emails, on behalf of their leads or managers, that have very bad repurcussions. Moreover, they are supposed to the take the blame, when his lead or Manager is caught in the responsibility trap. Poor creatures! Their sole consolation is that English language gives them different idioms for them to feel happy about, those idioms are
  • Cat's paw
  • Whipping boy
  • Patsy
  • Fall Guy
  • Frame-up
  • Soft touch
  • Sucker
  • Gull
They don't have to be goats always, they can rotate these idioms, in whatever order they like, whenever they are being referred :)

PS: The use of masculine pronouns his, him etc refers to both genders unless otherwise specified. Such use is for the author's convenience and does not represent any male-chauvinism. Women do have equal rights to be scapegoats :)

So long, until the next post

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