Saturday, October 24, 2009


Euphemisms are now a core part communication either through email, telephonic conversations etc. I have come across two types of euphemisms. The first one is a bit sensitive and the other one is a humorous. The sensitive one has a list like Slavery under the comfortable euphemism Leadership, Stupidity under the name Policy and so on. Let us not provoke anyone by discussing this sensitive euphemism further. The other type is the one almost everybody in most IT companies encounter in their day to day routine. Let see those that I can remember with the Euphemism and their real version.

  • To my understanding, this is so and so.... - Damn, I don't understand a thing. Explain it to me as you would to a kid
  • This is actually... Correct me if I am wrong... - Shut up and don't open you bloody mouth until I ask you to..
  • Mr Simon, please add any comments if you have... - Simon, I have added you in the email just to let others know that you are in the loop. Don't try to be smart by posting any stupid comment of yours
  • Actually, it will take too long to explain - Damn, I don't have the least bit of idea of what it is...
For those who can understand Tamil
  • Sir, avar pasu maadhiri sir - Sariyana maattu paya sir avan
Readers, I believe you too would have come across such expressions. Please feel free to add more in the comments section. This sentence is not another euphemism, I mean it and am serious :)

So long, until the next post.


Anonymous said...

Ha Ha.Good one.
You will receive applause if sensitive is not censored

R.Prabhu said...

Thanks Sathya!

Srihari Yamanoor said...

Well, someone left an anonymous comment and you put them in the loop :)

Very good blog Prabhu!

Make it easy to follow the blog via email please.



R.Prabhu said...

Ha ha ha! Thanks buddy!