Saturday, October 31, 2009

Monkey Business

In a forest, there was a monkey. One day, it rained cats and dogs in the forest. The monkey was drenched all wet in the rain. A weaver bird saw this and felt pity about the monkey. The bird went to the monkey and said "See my friend, if you build a home like the nest I have built, you would not have been drenched in the rain and you would have been safe". The monkey quietly listened to the speech then suddenly jumped above and tore apart the weaver bird's nest and shouted "Yippee, now that you have lost your home, give me company in the rain..."

Some people, like this monkey, are there in every organisation, right from the top helm to the entry level employee. If they get any advice from anyone, then the person advising is in soup. So, if you are a weaver bird, just shutup your mouth and stay in your home when it rains, don't land in hot water advising monkeys :)

See, as I mentioned in one my earlier posts, we are getting to see a lot of animals like the Discovery Channel and Animal Planet :)

So long until the next post :)


swapnamithra said...

Don't seem to spare any one...above or below :D.

R.Prabhu said...

Yes, Sathya, this blog is about all the management paradoxes, so no one is spared :)